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Mohammadullah Halim Sirat
The writer says he is neutral and doesn’t support any of the presidential candidates. The article has been written, keeping in mind the national interest and promotion of democratic values in Afghanistan. 
Part 1

By Asif Ashna
Dear Dr. Ashraf Ghani Ahmadzai, Greetings!
Before referring to politics, I would like to wish you good health and prosperity and the ability to read this letter with patience because it is a clear political note.  I can see you must be tired after going through two rounds of election campaigns.
Mr. Dr. Ghani!

By Saifullah Ahmadzai

28 May 2014

As campaign for the runoff election scheduled for June 14 kicked off, some of the failed candidates and their deputies and supporters joined hands with the two leading candidates Dr. Ashraf Ghani Ahmadzai and Dr. Abdullah Abdullah.

On the very first day of the second round of polls campaign, Ahmad Zia Masoud--- the deputy of Zalmai Rasoul in the first round of ballot--- announced to back Ahmadzai.

By M. ShafiqHamdam
Despite security threats and many other challenges, the historic turnout of Afghan voters in the May 5th elections has shown democracy in action.  The Afghan people stalwartly contributed to their first-ever political transition from one elected president to another.  However, legitimate concerns and questions about the impartiality of the electoral bodies and the leadership of the country persist among the people. Afghan voters and international donor organizations have the right to know about the transparency of the election process.

By ShahmahmoodMiakhel

By Martin Gerner

Ahmad Munir
The provincial and presidential elections in Afghanistan is the third in the post Taliban Afghanistan, but the mass rallies and campaigns for support of each of the presidential contenders, in the face of the fear mongering militants, has been surprisingly unprecedented.
The event has been globally applauded for successful conduct, high voters' turnout and overall calm during the event, however, the wide coverage of the event through media outlets and other social media pages has been overlooked.

By Nazes Afroz


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