Maidan Wardak (PAN): Residents of Maidan Wardak complained the rehabilitation projects executed in their province during the last decade do not fulfill the growing need of the people.
During the last decade, the department of rural development has helped implemented 1767 rehabilitation projects in rural areas of the province keeping in view the wishes and need of the people.        
Officials said almost 271 projects were completed last year and the government is planning to construct another 463 projects in the entire districts of the province.     
Sources said a small number of development projects were completed because of insecurity in Kacha Pak and Damir Dadu districts. Due to the absence of proper inspection, development projects could not be taken forward in the Jaghtu district.
The public works department said 42% roads have been asphalted on various localities while construction of some other roads is in progress. Roads leading Maidan city to Sayed Abad, Karimdad, and Jalrez districts have been built while construction work on others is in process.
The department said 130 kilometers of roads have been paved from 2009 to 2011, saying that work with accelerated steps is underway to asphalt the 82 kilometers road from Ownikotal to Bamyan.  
Similarly, construction work on Chak road has now been stopped because of growing insecurity that plagued the region. 
Governor Maidan Wardak Abdul Majeed Khugyani admitted half of the roads of his province have yet to be constructed, saying that people have been demanding every day the construction of roads.
He said construction of 202 kilometers road is imperative because people confront with immense problems. 
He went on to say that early construction of Narkh, Amirdad, Toop Dashta, Chak, Sayed Abad, Behsud and Jaghtu roads is imperative in the wake of growing demand by the masses of the far-flung area.   
The agriculture department of the province is of the opinion that in each districts of the province, as many as 224 green belt shade with 500 capacity and two cold storage bearing 1000 ton capacity have been established in Maidan city. 
Sources said 11 underground cold storages have yielded positive results. They said 26 livestock with another ten veterinary clinics have been established. 
Agriculture department officials said orchards spread on 10246 hectares land in the province with most of them are apple orchards. 
Also, an extension center having 18 rooms’ building in Behsud district while another similar center in Maidan city has been established.
The milk collection centers, greenery projects and the cultivation of saffron projects are kicked off.
Sources said formers are given refined seeds, chemical fertilizers and extended with other kind of agriculture related assistance such as advanced machinery, which left positive impact on their crop production.
Attaullah Khugyani, spokesman of Maidan Wardak governor said buildings for police headquarters in Jalrez, Sayed Abad, Chak, Jaghtu, Damir Dad, Narkh and Behsud districts have been built. With the exception of Jalrez district, buildings for judiciary are built in rest of the districts.
He said other buildings such as police training centers, jail and mosques have been built.
Maidan Wardak has 450 schools or educational institutions in which 231 have no proper buildings while rests of the institutions have their buildings, he added. 
Mukhlis Rais, head of provincial health department says: “Earlier, the province has 36 health care centers, which had no facilities. Currently, the number of health care centers has been brought to 62, which are equipped with state-of-the-art facilities,” he added.  
He went on to say buildings for 62 health centers are built while some of the construction work on buildings is in progress.
The government of the province said 90 projects approved by different ministries and institutions have been stopped because of the ministries objections on the designs, contracts and surveys. He expressed fear if work on those projects could not be initiated then the coming winter season would further delay its implementation.   
Officials of Maidan Wardak demand early construction of Chak, Gorbat, Jalrez, Sanglakh, Behsud, Narkh and Akchi dams. They said construction of the dams in different locations demanded by the Maidan Wardak officials would help generate electricity on the one hand while on the other it would help irrigate a vast land.
Wakil, a resident of Chak district said construction work on his village’s road was started five year back but half of the road could not be constructed so far. He said construction work on the road has now been stopped due to the reason best known to officials. 
He said it is a matter of sham for the government to import electricity from Tajikstan, adding that electricity could not be produced during the last ten years in Chak district.
Muhammad Khalil, a resident of Sayed Abad district said his locality has witnessed some projects but the current fighting left the roads and bridges damaged completely and the government seems reluctant to construct the damaged roads and bridges.
Hailing from Jaghtu district, Habibullah said the government has completely ignored his area in terms of development.
“The district’s roads are in dilapidated condition and most of its schools have no buildings,” he added.